The Villanovas

“Joe has been our go to engineer/producer for a number of years. He has a strong eye for detail and takes a lot of pride in producing the best possible product! We’ve never been disappointed!”

San Marlo

“There’s nothing better than a Recording Engineer who has the capability to dip his toes in the role of the producer, offering a stylistic and well trained opinion. Creative mixing and audio capture at its best.”

Jack Grace

“I’ve been fortunate enough to have worked with Joe on several projects over the years. Not only does he have a great work ethic and an incredible ear for detail, but he’s a great guy to kick back and have a beer with. Because when you’re finished and you’ve captured all the madness, what else is there left to do but have few beers and listen.”

Josh Davies – Session Drummer

“As a producer, engineer and musician, Joe Reeves is the definition of professional. The results he gets are incredibly beautiful pieces of work. Working with Joe I know firsthand how efficient and proficient he is and I have full trust in him.”

Will Franden – Session Bass Player

“Pro-active and communicative, Joe is one of the most well rounded, musically minded producers and engineers I’ve worked with. In depth knowledge in several recording platforms (Pro Tools, Logic etc…) with a hands on understanding of various recording techniques for several instruments, across multiple genres. I’ve worked with Joe in almost every genre and he has always exceeded our expectations as an engineer, and as a producer he has provided invaluable insights and contributions to our composing, arranging and recording.”

Nomi Ruth

“I can recommend working with Joe Reeves! He is not only stunningly competent and reliable, but also a very friendly and patient producer. And he really needed to be patient to work with a perfectionist like me! His job is his passion and I would always work with him again.”